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2024 SGIR Conference and Sessions

University of Cambridge

​St. John's College

SGIR Sessions in 2024

American Philosophical Association

Central APA

SGIR Session on Ethics and Dialectics

Chair: Elisa Magri (Boston College)

Christopher Yeomans (Purdue University) “The Dialectic of Provisional Normativity in Kant and Fichte”
Kyla Bruff (Carleton University) “F.W.J. Schelling’s Non-dialectical Approach to Personhood and Virtue Ethics”
Brady Bowman (The Pennsylvania State University) “The Dialectic of Natural and Ethical Life”

​The SGIR is now maintaining an open call for nominations for sessions at the APA (Eastern, Central, and Pacific). We welcome nominations from any SGIR member for sessions on a specified topic. Please email nominations to the SGIR-APA director Elisa Magri ( Proposed sessions should include speakers, affiliations, chair, and session topics. In general, we aim to support and facilitate any well-thought out session that falls meaningfully within the scope of the SGIR.