(2) 2019 Central APA, SGIR Author Meets Critics


Kant on Reflection and Virtue


– Melissa Merritt (University of New South Wales)


– Colin McLear (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

​“Kant on Reflection Attention, and Virtue”

– Francey Russel (Yale University)

“The Place of Self-Knowledge in Kantian Virtue”

​David Sussman (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)


Melissa Merritt –“Response to My Critics”

SGIR Conferences, Call for Papers, and APA Sessions

2019 SGIR Sessions at the Central

American Philosophical Association
Chair: Keren Gorodeisky

Call for Papers: ​

Aesthetics in the Long Eighteenth Century 

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2019 SGIR-HSGB Joint Conference: ​

Hegel and Freedom

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2019 SGIR Sessions at the Pacific

​American Philosophical Association

Sessions and 


Chair: Meghant Sudan

(2) 2019 Pacific APA, SGIR Author Meets Critics


 Kant and the Reorientation of Aesthetics


– Joseph Tinguely (University of South Dakota)


– Samantha Matherne (Harvard University)

– Moran Godess-Riccitelli (University of Potsdam)

Past SGIR Conferences

(2) 2019 Eastern APA, SGIR Author Meets Critics


Hegel on Second Nature in Ethical Life


​​Andreja Novakovic (University of California, Riverside)


Mark Alznauer (Northwestern University)

Dean Moyar (Johns Hopkins University)

2019 SGIR Sessions at the Eastern

American Philosophical Association
Chair: Gerad Gentry

Chair: Rosalind Chaplin and Brian Tracz

(1) 2019 Pacific APA, SGIR Session on

Space in Kant


– ​Michael Friedman (Stanford University)

"Space, Geometry, and Natural Science in Kant and Post-Kantian Idealism"

– James Messina (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

(1) 2019 Eastern APA, SGIR Session on

the a priori ​in Feminism and Race


Lucy Allais (University of California, San Diego)

Pauline Kleingeld (University of Groningen)
Charles Mills (CUNY Graduate Center)
Jordan Pascoe (Manhattan College)​

(1) 2019 Central APA, SGIR Session on

​Aesthetics and Perception


– Janum Sethi (University of Michigan)​​​​ 

“Kant on Concepts, Common Sense and the Systematicity of Nature”

– Allen Speight (Boston University)

“Appreciation, Engagement and the Problem of Interpretation”

– ​Clinton Tolley (University of California, San Diego)
​"Post-Kantianism on the Social and the Pleasureable in the sensus communis"