2018 SGIR Sessions at the Eastern

American Philosophical Association​​

Chair: Gerad Gentry

2020 SGIR Conference on "The Formation of Aesthetics in the Long Eighteenth Century"

Fall 2020 – Södertörn University, Sweden

Keynote Speakers:


Invited Speakers:

2018 SGIR Sessions at the Central

American Philosophical Association​​

Chair: Keren Gorodeisky

Keynote Speakers

Eckart Förster (Johns Hopkins University)
Paul Franks (Yale University)

Howard Williams

(Aberystwyth U)

Conference Organizer:

Gerad Gentry

2017 Pacific American Philosophical Association​​

SGIR Session on Kantian Normativity 

​Saturday, April 15th, 6-9 pm – Seattle, WA

Conference Organizers:

Gerad Gentry, Helga Varden, and Rachel Zuckert


Alix Cohen (Edinburgh)
"Kant on Science and Value"

​Samantha Matherne (UC Santa Cruz)
"Kant on the Scope of Aesthetic Reasons​"

Melissa Merritt (UNSW Sydney)
"Kantian Cognitive Value"​

Konstantin Pollok (U South Carolina)
"Epistemic Normativity in Kant"

(1) 2018 Eastern APA, SGIR Session on Systematicity


Melissa Zinkin (Binghamton University)

Jere Surber (University of Denver)​


Janum Sethi (University of Michigan)​​​​

2016 Inaugural Conference of the Society for German Idealism and Romanticism

"The Imagination in German Idealism and Romanticism"
1-2 October 2016 – Department of Germanic Studies, University of Chicago

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All SGIR conferences are free.

Beginning with the 2018 Annual SGIR Conference there will no longer be conference fees. 

​Keynote Speakers:
Frederick Beiser (Syracuse University)
Kristin Gjesdal (Temple University)​

(2) 2018 Eastern APA, SGIR Author Meets Critics


Kant's Theory of Normativity: Exploring the Space of Reason


Konstantin Pollok (University of South Carolina)


Huaping Lu-Adler (Georgetown University)

​Brian Tracz (University of California, San Diego)​​


2019 SGIR Joint Conference with the Hegel Society of Great Britain

September 2019 – Oxford University, UK

Keynote Speakers:


Invited Speakers:

Invited Speakers:
Karl Ameriks (University of Notre Dame)
Elizabeth Millán (DePaul University)
Anne Pollok (University of South Carolina)
Allen Speight (Boston University)
​Rachel Zuckert (Northwestern University)

Call for Papers: The Society for German Idealism and Romanticism is inviting submissions for the 2018 Annual SGIR Conference to be held at the University of Sydney (December 5-7) on the theme of "Conceptions of Life in German Idealism and Romanticism." The SGIR welcomes papers on all aspects of the the notion of "life," from its role in Hegel's Science of Logic to "natural ends" in Kant; from natural and cultural conceptions of life (e.g. qua Bildung), such as can be found in Goethe or Hölderlin's thought to Schelling's philosophy of nature. We will give preference to those papers that specifically and directly take up an account of the role that the idea of "life" plays in the thought of the Idealists and Romantics. Talk time for submitted papers will be 30 minutes with 15 minutes for Q&A. As such, submissions should be 4-5,000 words. SGIR membership is required prior to paper submission. Membership is free (see homepage of the SGIR website).

The submission deadline is 1 June, 2018.

The double-blind review process will conclude at the end of July and decisions will be announced in the first week of August.
Graduate student submissions will be considered for the annual SGIR Graduate Paper Award.

Daniel Carranza (U Chicago)
"Incipience: Goethe's Animal Aesthetics as a Solution to Schillerian Paradoxes"​

Gunnar Hindrichs (U Basel)

"The Unity of Nature"

Michael House (U South Carolina)

"That Microcosm of Folly:
Getting it Wrong in Goethe's Faust"​

Sessions and 


This conference is jointly hosted by the Department of Germanic Studies and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sydney.

2017 Eastern American Philosophical Association​​ SGIR Session on Goethe

Thursday, January 5th, 12-2 pm – Baltimore, MD

Invited Speakers: 

Camilla Flodin​ (Uppsala University)

Ina Goy (University of Tübingen)

Simon Lumsden (University of New South Wales)

Jennifer Mensch (Western Sydney University) 

Karen Ng (Vanderbilt University)

Paul Redding (University of Sydney) 

Invited Speakers

Henry Allison (UC San Diego)

Karin de Boer (KU Leuven)

Angela Breitenbach (Cambridge)
Emily Carson (McGill University)

Anja Jauernig (New York University)
​Allen Wood (Indiana University)


 Meghant Sudan

(2) 2018 Central APA, SGIR Author Meets Critics


Thinking with Kant's Critique of Judgment


Michel Chaouli (Indiana University)


Katalin Makkai (Bard College Berlin)

Joseph Tinguely (University of South Dakota)

(1) 2018 Pacific APA, SGIR Session on Skepticism


Elena Ficara (Universität Paderborn)

Plinio Smith (Universidade Federal de São Paulo)

​Kenneth Westphal (Boğaziçi University)

Upcoming SGIR Conferences and APA Sessions

(2) 2018 Pacific APA, SGIR Author Meets Critics


Herder's Hermeneutics: History Poetry, Enlightenment


Kristin Gjesdal (Temple University)


Karl Ameriks (University of Notre Dame)

​Anne Pollok (University of South Carolina)

North American Kant Society                                ​   Society for German Idealism and Romanticism

2017 SGIR-NAKS Joint Conference

"Kantian Legacies in German Idealism"

14 & 15 of October 2017 – Department of Philosophy, Stanford University

​​You can download the conference program here: ​

Keynote Speakers

Johannes Haag (University of Potsdam)
Jane Kneller (Colorado State University)

Past SGIR Conferences

(1) 2018 Central APA, SGIR Session on

Conceptions of Matter and Form ​​


​Anastasia Artemyev Berg (Cambridge University)

Matthias Hasse (University of Chicago)


Jennifer Ryan Lockhart (Auburn University)​​

2018 Annual SGIR Conference: ​

Conceptions of Life in German Idealism and Romanticism

5-7 December 2018 – University of Sydney, Australia

Conference Organizers: Gerad Gentry, Cat Moir, Dalia Nassar

2018 SGIR Sessions at the Pacific

American Philosophical Association​​

Chair: Meghant Sudan