Editorial Director
Gerad Gentry, Lewis University 
(Visiting Associate) The University of Chicago 

Symposium Editor
Lydia Moland, Colby College

Assistant Symposium Editor
Eliza Little, The University of Chicago

Peer-Review Editor
Owen Ware, University of Toronto

Assistant Peer-Review Editor
Brian Tracz, University of California, San Diego

Book Review Editor
Andreja Novakovic, University of California, Berkeley

Assistant Book Review Editor
Jessica Williams, University of South Florida

The SGIR Review is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Society for German Idealism and Romanticism and registered with the United States Library of Congress. The aim of the SGIR Review is to serve as a premier venue for diverse leading scholarship and discussion in German idealism and romanticism.

The SGIR Review is structured around three major components. It publishes (i) symposium reviews and responses written for SGIR Author-Meets-Critics Sessions at annual American Philosophical Association conferences (Eastern, Central, and Pacific); (ii) peer-reviewed articles; and (iii) book reviews. The SGIR Review occasionally provides a book review to other journals in the field such as the Kantian Review. In such cases, we note the copyright transfer in the bibliographic portion of the review and reproduce it here with the permission of the given publisher (e.g. Cambridge Journals).


Nominations and self-nominations for symposium reviews should be submitted to sgircommittee@gmail.com.

Articles should be submitted to the peer-review editor. Submissions (i) should be prepared for blind review (all self-identifying information removed), (ii) should be between 5,000 and 12,000 words (inclusive of footnotes and bibliography); (iii) cannot have been previously published or simultaneously under review; and (iv) must use Chicago MS. If accepted for publication the author agrees to the SGIR Review’s exclusive rights to the material. Later inclusion of the material in another publication must first receive the consent of the SGIR Review.

Requests to have a book reviewed should be sent to the book review editor along with a short list of suggested reviewers and contact information.

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